Busy Busy Busy

Wow, today has been crazy busy. Well I guess it’s not today anymore since it’s now gone midnight. A shoot, studio bookings, editing and post production all day then spending all evening working on my sketchbook and trying to choose my favourite music video to use as an example for the Moving Image module I start soon…that’s proving to be more than a little difficult, purely because I’ve watched so many. I have a shoot using the 5×4 camera bright and early tomorrow, first time using it so it should be interesting, followed by a theory lecture. Can’t say I’m bored much these days. 

Finally Sorted.

Been running around since half eight this morning trying to tie up the last few loose ends for tomorrow’s shoot. Why does everything always take longer and become much more complicated when you want to get it finished? Oh well, the studio is booked, the dress has been collected, the jewelry chosen and all the other details have now been taken care of. I just need to double check the camera to make sure everything is working as it should and I can relax for the evening…and by “relax” I mean get on with my sketchbook work.

First Day Back

First day back at uni after Christmas. Moving back last night was manic, I’m pretty sure my stuff multiplied over the holidays, but I somehow fit everything back into my room…”somehow” being the key word there. Had a nice 1:30 pm start today to ease the class back in to the uni schedule (there have been a LOT of late nights since we broke up for Christmas) and we had a really interesting talk from advertising photographer Adam De Silva and retoucher Sophie Lawes. Their explanations of the photographic industry helped me feel at least a little better prepared for when I take the plunge and start working professionally (which shouldn’t be too long now…hopefully). I’m preparing myself for a crazy second term and a trip abroad in the next few months…it’s going to be one busy year.